Tatiana Nekrasova

My name is Tatiana Nekrasova. I from Tomsk. I graduated from Tomsk State University last year, where I studied foreign languages (English and French), the foreign literature and linguistics. On graduating from the university I entered postgraduate study at St.-Petersburg State University. In my dissertation I have been working on the problem of understanding and interpretation of the spoken language. The research is devoted to the investigation of colloquial units representing special lingvo-mental formations that cause a successful communication. In my opinion, it is important to analyse such units not only for the theory of the communications as a whole, but also teaching foreign pupils, taking into account social, cultural and political life of people speaking this language. While studying at St.-Petersburg State University this year I worked as a teacher of Russian for foreigners at Petersburg State University of Communication. This year I finished Tomsk Polytechnical University where I studied Social Work by correspondence. Now I am going to continue my research at Georgia State University in Atlanta (the Department of Applied Linguistics and English as a Second Language). Thanks to Fulbright Program I’ve got the opportunity to carry out my research on a higher level taking into account the tendencies and directions of a modern American linguistic science.

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