Panova Lada

Lada Panova was born in Moscow, Russia. She studied languages (English, Spanish, Italian, French, and Russian as a foreign language) in the Department of Philology at Moscow State University in 1987-1993.
Her Fulbright project, research on “Osip Mandelshtam’s Poetic Model of the World: “Things”. “People””, is going to describe the worldview of the most unconventional and original Russian poet; this description was begun in her PhD (candidate) dissertation “Space and Time in O. Mandelshtam’s Poetic Language” (which she successfully defended at the Institute of Russian Language, Russian Academy of Science, in 1998) and her monograph “World, Space, Time in О. Mandelshtam’s Poetry” (Moscow, 2002). Now she works at the Institute of Russian Language as a researcher. Her interests vary from films, theatre, classical music and art to traveling and taking photographs.

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