Jeffrey Prater

My name is Jeffrey Prater and I teach in the Department of Music at Iowa State University, where I am Professor of Music, a named 'Master Teacher,' 'Distinguished Scholar in the Arts and Humanities,' and chairman of the Music Department's theory-composition division. I have highly diverse scholarly and creative interests within the field of music, and I will be lecturing during fall semester 2005 to American Studies Students at Kaliningrad State University on aspects of 'Musical Culture in the United States.' This series will include lectures on the following topics: American Music of the Revolutionary Period: 1770-1812; American Music from the Victorian era and Civil War; The Roots of Blues and Jazz,; Music of the Great Depression: Big Bands and Crooners: American Popular Music of the W.W.II era; Early Rock 'n Roll to Elvis Presley; Music of Charles Ives; The Golden Age of American Musical Theater; Music from the Melting Pot: Leonard Bernstein; Music of the American Avant Garde: John Cage. As a composer, I have written over seventy musical compositions in various musical genres, and have received numerous commissions and awards for my pieces. Directly before my Fulbright lectureship begins in September, I will have two major works performed in Kaliningrad by the Kaliningrad Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Arkadi Feldman. For these performances, I am bringing with me four colleagues from the United States to provide the required solo performers for the orchestral works and also to present a concert of chamber music. The performances will take place during a festival honoring the 750th Anniversary of the Founding of Kaliningrad/Koenigsberg. The orchestra and soloists will be joined by an excellent choir from the city of Saratov on the Volga for one of my two orchestral works. During the time of my Fulbright lectureship in Kaliningrad, I hope to be able to compose several new pieces. In addition to my background and activities as a composer, I have a strong research interest in the pedagogy of music theory and have published articles and presented papers in the areas of aesthetics education, history of music theory, and analysis for performers. For ten years I was the director of the ISU Chamber Singers, an ensemble of twenty-four, which performed nearly 100 concerts and participated in two, two-week performing residences in Europe. In addition, I have translated and published in English two book-length treatises by important contemporary German musicologists. It is a great honor for me to have been chosen as a 2005 Fulbright Scholar, and I am very much looking forward to sharing musical cultures with my Russian students and my hosts at Kaliningrad State University.

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