Vladimir Prozorov

PhD, Professor of the English Department of the Karelian State Pedagogical University, Petrozavodsk
Almost my whole life I have been teaching various aspects of the English language and British/American culture. I have written and published several books on the history and literature of Great Britain from Middle Ages through the 19th century («From Beowulf to Hamlet” (1997) “The Crown, the Cross and the Wallet” (1999) «Romantics and Realists”(in print) and USA (“Dream and Tragedy” (1993), “Steps of Freedom” (2001), as well as textbooks and students’ manuals.

In 1999-2000 г.г. I participated in JFDP Program (George Washington University Washington, DC). Though I have previously been to US several times, I am particularly proud of the cross-continental trip in spring 2000 by the Greyhound bus from the Atlantic to the Pacific Coast and back (Washington DC - Dallas - Los-Angeles - Santa Barbara - Portland - San-Francisco - Salt-Lake-City - Chicago - Washington DC).

My sphere of interest includes a wide range of issues, related to the development of American culture, literature, theater, film, art, and music. In 2001 г I was awarded the Alumni Local Initiative Grant for conducting a week-long workshop for high school/college teachers of the Russian Northwest “American Social Culture 1950-2000 Through Film” based on the video materials, collected during my JFDP stay in US.I also teach an extended variant of this course (70 hours) to the senior students of the School of Foreign Languages at KSPU.

My most recent hobby is the Student Chamber “Basement” Theater that produces performances both in English and in Russian (please visit Our theater has just received the grant from he Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the US State Department (grant program for FSA/FLEX alumni)

My Fulbright scholarship will take place at the George Washington University n D.C. starting in January of 2004. Its main goal is the research of the literary works of the leading contemporary American writer Don DeLillo in the wide context of philosophy, cultural theory and artistic practice of postmodernism. .

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