Dr. Steven Yates

Dr. Steven Yates is rated as one of the most talented curators and historians of photography in the USA. Trained initially as an artist, he began his museum work in the 1970's and subsequently has spent more than 20 years at the Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of New Mexico. The founder of the museum's photography program and collection, Dr. Yates has been equally active in academic life, spending more than 10 years as a lecturer in photography, art and art history at the University of New Mexico and Santa Fe Community College. The Principal editor of nine photographic studies, he has also written over a dozen essays on the history and philosophy of art.

In Russia as a Fulbright Scholar he teaches a historical survey and leads a research seminar on the emergence of modern photography. Dr. Yates also surveys the crucial role played by photography within virtually all modern art movements and works with collections in Russia.

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