Fulbright Summer School 2009

Dr. Stephen Duncombe, Dr. Tatiana Venediktova, and Fulbright Director Anthony Koliha
pause outside the Moscow-based contemporary art center “Vinzavod” after
the conclusion of a public discussion on contemporary art and social imagination

Under the leadership of Dr. Tatiana Venediktova, president of the Russian Fulbright Alumni Association, over 20 graduate students and junior faculty, including many Fulbright alumni, from all across Russia took part in the Twelfth annual Fulbright Summer School in the Humanities, entitled “Media Imagination,” from June 15-21, 2009. The Fulbright Summer School took place at a variety of leading universities and public locations throughout Moscow, and participants explored the topic of social imagination and how it is both facilitated and constrained by the media and technology that we use today. The aggressively popular sweep of visual and electronic media across Russia causes much cultural anxiety, being interpreted by popular Russian culture as “Americanization," and it is therefore important to discuss this world-changing process in a broad comparative and international perspective. According to 2009 Fulbright Senior Specialist to Russia, Dr. Stephen Duncombe (New York University), “Over the course of one intense week we loosened the tyrannical bonds of the present (and past) and began to think of what might be. That is: we began a process of imagining.” The week-long events ended with a public discussion of contemporary art and social imagination at a popular contemporary art center “Vinzavod” in Moscow.

Fulbright Summer School participants outside of MGU Fulbright Summer School Participants

The Fulbright 2009 Summer School was also covered in an article of Novaya Gazeta on July 6, 2009. Read the article in Russian online

Moscow State University Summer School Page - for more information, including the program, list of participants, courses, and lectures, on this year's summer school as well as past summer schools.

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