Judith Kullberg

Judith Kullberg is an associate professor of political science at Eastern Michigan University, where she teaches courses on comparative politics and international relations. She received her Ph.D. in political science from the University of Michigan (1992) and, prior to joining the faculty at Eastern Michigan, taught at the Ohio State University, the University of Michigan, and Marshall University. Her research focuses on the politics of the Russian Federation. She has conducted considerable fieldwork in Russia, including individual interviews with political leaders and party activists, and has worked with scholars affiliated with the Institute of Sociology of the Russian Academy of Sciences (1990, 1991 & 1995) and the European University at St. Petersburg (2001). She also participated in the Russian National Election Study, which gathered data on and analyzed the results of the first competitive Russian national elections in 1993-94. The project was directed by Prof. Timothy Colton of Harvard University and Professor Jerry Hough of Duke University. Dr. Kullberg has published numerous articles and book chapters on Russian politics, most of which focus on problems of democratic development in Russia and post-communist Eastern Europe. In 2007-08 she will be affiliated with the International Relations program at Samara State University, teaching introductory and advanced courses in international relations. She will also conduct research on the development of civil society in Samara and Samara oblast’.

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