Ekaterina Khaustova

Fulbright Scholar Faculty Fundamental Development Program Award 2011-2012

Host Institution:
University of Arizona, Tucson, U.S.A.
Eller College of management

Research Topic:
Economic history

Home Institution:
Russian State Social University, Kursk city, Russia
Department of Finance

Ekaterina Khaustova Fulbright Scholar placement at the University of Arizona in Tucson included research about Economic history, Macroeconomic history and in particular the first half of XX century, the Great depression, the Gold standard, change of tax system, focusing on understanding how economies functioned, and how present day economic problems reflect earlier development. During her Fulbright year, she elected and attended lectures in macroeconomics, microeconomics, economic history and business strategy for PhD students. An intensive advanced course introduces students of this interdisciplinary program to the core concepts and tools, debates and workshops. University of Arizona has a variety of cultural and professional backgrounds represented and the collaborative ethos of the program make for a challenging learning environment, for becoming an expert in the discipline.

I have selected to apply to the FFDP program because of the strong emphasis on professional teaching skills taught within a unique flexible approach. The method of teaching in US Universities focuses on the individual and encourages logical, lateral and independent thinking – a combination of factors that did not stand out in the programs I had considered elsewhere.

The program I participated in gave me the qualification, analytical capacities and skills, required to undertake a career of professional economist - educator.

My professional goal is to become an academic economist researcher and educator. Russian Universities are highly patriarchal and male-dominated, and it is often difficult therefore for a woman to achieve the highest career levels. Participation in FFDP program will enable me to become a competitive educator, and hopefully help break down barriers, in a small way, to the advancement of women scientists in Russia.

The faculty and students at the University and other people that I met during my travels enabled me to gain a much more nuanced and deeper understanding of rich USA culture.

Background Information

In 2000 she began to study at Biomedical department and her first qualification is Biomedical engineer.

In 2006 she obtained second degree in Management.

The same year she became involved, mostly on a voluntary basis, in a research engineer project at Cambridge and York Universities (UK). This project was very important because of the multi-disciplinary character of the research, some economical and social duties, language improvement and international academic life experience. During that time she attended some lectures in selected topics and had access to the library of Cambridge University.

In spring 2008 she came back to Russia to start career as an educator.

Since September 2008 she has been working at Russian State Social University (Kursk Campus KISO) as a lecturer at the Finance department. She teaches courses in several disciplines: Economic history, Macroeconomic and Microeconomic theory. Ekaterina is the author of several publications.

Ekaterina Khaustova in 2010 completed her PhD in economics. The research topic was “Innovations and management of new production”.

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