Oleg Riabov

Host institution:
University of Vermont, Burlington, VT, USA
Department of History

Research topic:
Gendering the Enemy in Soviet and American Cold War Films (1945-1963)

Home institution:
Ivanovo State University,
Department of Philosophy

The research project deals with the ways of producing otherness with help of gender discourse in international relations. Oleg Riabov investigates cinematic representations of Soviet and American masculinities, femininities, families, and gender relations as a part of struggle for hearts and minds in international and domestic politics, which were exploited in creating external and internal enemies, in legitimating power, and in shaping gender orders in the USA and the USSR. The materials consist of films, film periodicals, and posters.

During the fellowship period he was invited to lecture at U of Vermont, Harvard U, New Mexico U, Columbia U, Wesleyan U, Skidmore College, Dartmouth College, and the New Jersey College.

Background information
Oleg Riabov is a Professor in the Philosophy Department and director of the Center for Ethnic and Nationalism Studies at Ivanovo State University, Russia.

He has MA in History (1986) and DSc in Philosophy (2000). His doctoral dissertation deals with intersections of nationalism and gender in Russian philosophy of history.

Author of monographs Russian Philosophy of the Feminine (XI—XX cc). Ivanovo. 1999, in Russian; “Mother Russia”: Nationalism, Gender, and War in the XX Century Russia. Stuttgart, 2007, in Russian; Poles and Russians in the Russian and Polish Caricatures. Warsaw, 2008, in Polish, with Andrzej de Lazari; Europe and the Bear. Warsaw, 2013, in Polish, with Andrzej de Lazari and Magdalena Żakowska; and others.

Visiting Professor at University of Warsaw (2009) and Nicolaus Copernicus University, Torun (2010-2011). He had Fellowships at Washington State University (2001-2002), St-Petersburg State University (2004), University of Michigan (2004), and University of Lodz (2009). Riabov’s research has been funded by J. and K. Macarthur Foundation, Carnegie Foundation, Russian Foundation for Humanities; and others.

2012 Riabov Oleg, De Lazari, Andrzej (Eds.) “The Russian Bear”: History, Semiotics, and Politics (Moscow: NLO) was awarded with diploma by the Russian Political Science Association for the best collective monograph;
2008 Riabov, Oleg (Ed.) Ethnic Situation in the Ivanovo Province (Ivanovo: Ivanovo SU) was awarded with diploma by the Russian Sociological Association for the best collection.

He has published articles in Russian Politics and Law, Problems of Post-Communism, Polis, Social Sciences, Sprawy Miedzynarodowy and others.


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