Erin Martz

Erin Martz, Ph.D., C.R.C.

Erin Martz taught rehabilitation counseling at University of Missouri, Columbia for 3 years before being recruited by the University of Memphis in 2005. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Russian (1988), a Master’s degree in rehabilitation counseling (1999), and a doctorate in rehabilitation education and research (2002). Her first trip to Russia was in 2004, when she began collaborating with the World Institute on Disability and Perspektiva, a disability organization based in Moscow

Erin’s research interests include psychosocial adaptation to and coping with chronic illness and disability, posttraumatic stress reactions after disability, disability-related employment issues, attitudes toward disability, and international rehabilitation. She is now co-editing a book on coping with chronic illness and disability to be published in 2007 by Springer Publishing Company of New York.

Erin will be a Fulbright Scholar in Saratov, Russia for the spring semester of 2006. She will examine the employment barriers and accommodations for individuals with disabilities in 5 cities in Russia. She will collaborate with Perspektiva for the data collection and for understanding the general employment situation for individuals with disabilities in Russia.

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