Stephen R. Block

This will be Stephen’s first trip to Russia and the Moscow State University of Management, where he will be sharing his expertise in governance, organizational behavior and decision-making. He is especially interested in lecturing on the competencies required of nongovernmental organizations and government to work collaboratively to improve community services.

Stephen is Associate Research Professor at the University of Colorado at Denver's Graduate School of Public Affairs, and its Director of the Nonprofit Management Program. He received an Award for Excellence in Teaching at the University of Colorado, and led seminal research studies on the development of an academic discipline of nonprofit management; organizational founder’s syndrome; and expectations of governing boards of directors. Stephen's personal philosophy of sharing knowledge is reflected in various professional activities such as presenting at national and international conferences, consulting to governmental and nonprofit organizations, and authoring more than 50 publications, including Perfect Nonprofit Boards: Myths, Paradoxes & Paradigms (1998, Simon & Schuster); and Why Nonprofits Fail (2004, Jossey-Bass) which have been used in management courses in several countries.

In addition to academe, Stephen has more than 25 years of hands-on executive nonprofit organization management experience and is the founding executive director of Denver Options, Inc, the largest nonprofit human service organization in Colorado, responsible for the developmental disabilities service system in Denver. His community service has been recognized by a Resolution of the Denver City Council for "outstanding service and contributions to the City of Denver," a letter of recognition from the President of the United States, and a gift of the Colorado State flag from the Colorado State Legislature.

Stephen received a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Brooklyn College of the City University of New York. He earned his Master's Degree in Social Work from the Graduate School of Social Work, Indiana University, underwritten by the National Institute of Mental Health. He was honored as Outstanding Doctoral Candidate in Public Affairs and Administration by Pi Alpha Alpha. In 1987, he received his Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Public Administration with a concentration in nonprofit organization management from the University of Colorado, Graduate School of Public Affairs.

On a personal note, Stephen enjoys the challenge of athletic endeavors which have included shark diving, heli-skiing, kite-surfing, and running the bulls in Pamplona. He also enjoys the leisurely activities of playing golf, watching movies, reading novels, and attending performances of contemporary dance and opera.

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