Screening of Galina Evtushenko's Documentaries

Galina Evtushenko, alumna of the Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program 2017-18, is an unstoppable creative force. Last year we covered her documentaries' screenings in several American unviersities. Since finalizing her grant and returning to Russia, Galina has presented more of her films in Moscow, and they were lauded both by the general public and the professionals.

Galina Yevtushenko, apart from being Professor at the Russian State University of Humanities, is also a screenwriter, director and producer of feature and documentary films, nominee of prestigious national awards such as "Nika" and "Golden Eagle".

Exclusive screening of Galina's two-parter "Pushkin's Italy" took place at the Tretyakov Gallery on June 8, 2019. The documentary was also presented by the art historian and playwright Viktor Listov and by the national actor of Russia Alexey Guskov. Just before that, on June 6, Galina Evtushenko discussed the film with Sergey Buntman on the "Echo of Moscow" show "The Dilettantes".

Later, on June 12, 2019 The Tretyakovka screended another of Galina's films "Chekhov and Levitan. Double Portrait in the Interior of an Era". Leonid Gomberg, an acknowledged writer and journalist, shared his impressions of the film on his Facebook page:

"The picture left a most favorable impression on its audience, not only with its emotional depth but also with a significant informational and historical weight it offers. The writer and artist's difficult paths somehow very demonstratively personified the country's anticipating of the grand trials that lay ahead. It seemed like the story itself talked to the viewer, its voice coinciding with that of Galina Evtushenko's, who was reading the text not as an actor, but as a mother... After the screening, the guests did not rush to leave, as it usually happens, which was a rare sight. Instead, they stayed for the discussion afterwards and eagerly participated in a Q&A with the director.

Photos by G. Evtushenko

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