Jason Eskenazi

Jason Eskenazi first traveled to Russia in 1991 just before the August coup and has returned many times since culminating in a photography book project "Wonderland: A Fairytale of the Soviet Monolith" just recently exhibited at Visa Pour L' Image in Perpignan, France. Upon his return to Russia, Eskenazi will make a series of large format color portraits from Kaliningrad to Vladivostock in the new Russia.

Eskenazi has received numerous awards including a Guggenheim Fellowship, 1999; The Dorothea Lange/Paul Taylor Prize, 1999, for his work in a Jewish Village in Azerbaijan; and The Alicia Patterson Foundation Grant, 1996. His work has appeared in many magazines.

He has also organized a "Kids with Cameras" project in the old city of Jerusalem, teaching photography to Arab Muslims and Jewish children.

Eskenazi also enjoys writing and movies in his spare time.

Программа Фулбрайта в Российской Федерации. Институт Международного Образования.
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