Anthony R. Lupo

Anthony R. Lupo received his Ph.D. from PurdueUniversity in Atmospheric Science. He joined the faculty at the University of Missouri – Columbia in August of 1997, and is currently an Associate Professor of Atmospheric Science and program leader for the Atmospheric Science Program. His teaching and research focus on large-scale atmospheric dynamics, climate dynamics, and numerical methods.

The RussianAcademy of Sciences, A.M. Obukhov Institute of Atmospheric Physics in Moscow will host Lupo, where his research with colleagues at the RAS will focus on the ability of climate models to reproduce the key dynamics needed to generate and maintain important large-scale atmospheric events. Lupo has worked with colleagues at the RAS for about 10 years, and their collaborative efforts have resulted in several published articles. The Fulbright Award provides Lupo with an opportunity to continue this collaboration and work with his colleagues in their laboratory at the RAS.

Dr. Lupo resides in Columbia, Missouri, and will be accompanied by his wife, Allison, and three daughters, Mary, Grace, and Katherine.

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