Lynn Nelson

Lynn Nelson, a professor of sociology and international studies at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) , will be teaching courses on international relations and American society at Moscow State University (MGU) during the spring semester 2004. With the benefit of his first Fulbright lecturing award, to TbilisiStateUniversity, Nelson began studying economic reform in the Soviet Union during the last years of the Gorbachev period. His ongoing research since that time has centered on Russian political and economic reform, with emphasis on developments in four regions: Sverdlovsk, Tatarstan, Smolensk and Voronezh. His current work focuses particularly on Russian federalism. This collaborative research has been funded by several agencies and has resulted in two books with a third in preparation and a number of articles and other publications. Nelson also pursues teaching innovations that utilize Internet technologies, and a part of his Fulbright activity in 2004 will be to utilize message board discussions and online guest presentations to facilitate online classroom interaction and learning between students and faculty at MGU and their counterparts at VCU in selected courses.

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