William Quillen

Привет! I am a Ph.D. candidate in historical musicology at the University of California, Berkeley, working on a dissertation that explores the culture of contemporary art music during Russia's transition to post-socialism. During my Fulbright year, I will be affiliated with the Moscow Conservatory, where I will research contemporary Russian music. I will also conduct research at archives throughout Moscow, including the Conservatory's Taneev Library, the Composers' Union archive, and RGALI. This will be my second trip to Russia; in 2006, I spent four months working in the archives of the Glinka Museum (Moscow) and the Chaikovsky Museum (Klin). I am thrilled to return to Moscow, a city I love dearly and an especially precious place for any classical music lover. When not working in the libraries, I enjoy wandering around Moscow's rynki, riding the Metro, and--most importantly--attending a nightly concert at the Bol'shoi, the Conservatory, or any other of Moscow's seemingly limitless classical music venues.

Программа Фулбрайта в Российской Федерации. Институт Международного Образования.
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