Danielle Reifsnyder

Hi. I’m Danielle Reifsnyder, the fortunate recipient of a grant to do scientific research in Russia. I began studying the Russian language as a freshman in college out of pure curiosity about a place that seemed very large and very far away. Growing up, I had encountered a number of stereotypes about Russia, so I always wondered what more there was to the culture and the country. As I have since learned, there is quite a bit more, not the least of which is a vibrant scientific tradition.

I just graduated from Duke University with a B.S. in chemistry and an A.B. in Russian. In addition to chemistry, I love to meet people, read, and find active things to do. It is my hope that doing these things and conducting research in the Laboratory of Protein Physics will give me a new perspective on the world’s scientific community. I also hope to ride the Trans-Siberian Railroad. In between, I’m planning on taking advantage of any form of adventure I can find. Please let me know if you have suggestions.

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