Elizabeth Hoody

My study of Russian language and culture began in childhood, when I attended the Russian camp of Concordia Language Villages. Since then, the interest has led me to countless hours of classes on Russian language, literature, and politics, to St. Petersburg where I spent a semester at Herzen University, and back again to Concordia Language Villages where I worked as a camp counselor teaching Russian language. I am excited for the journey to continue with the Fulbright grant. During the next year, I will be living in Ekaterinburg, where I will study at Urals State University and volunteer with a local women’s organization. I look forward to combining my two passions—Russian language and feminism—and hope to study Russian advocacy methods for survivors of gender-based violence.
I graduated in 2006 from the University of Chicago with a BA in political science and Russian civilization. I was born and raised in the state of Minnesota, where I learned to love hockey and the outdoors, as well how to cope with the bitter cold that awaits me during the Russian winter.

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