Michael Rencewicz

Michael J. Rencewicz first became interested in Russian culture as a teenager reading Tolstoy and Dostoevky. Soon afterward Michael would begin to study Russian Literature and Language in a department that stressed academic rigor and intellectual open-mindedness at Reed College. In the fall of 2003, he studied for a semester in St. Petersburg at Smolny College, the result of a collaborative effort between Bard College and St. Petersburg State University to provide liberal arts education in Russia.

Michael will again return to St. Petersburg in September 2005 to begin his Fulbright year at the European University. He hopes to understand the effects of internet technologies on Russian society, while at the same time experiencing the sights, sounds, and wonderful peculiarities of Russian culture.

Michael received his B. A. from Reed College in December 2004. He is currently working as a member of the Art Science Research Laboratory's September 11th Oral History Project, in addition to writing fiction. He lives and works in New York City.

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