Becky Yi

I am a recent graduate of Smith College where I majored in Government and received a certificate in Asian Pacific American Studies. I will be traveling to Ussuriisk with my Fulbright to research on Labor Migration Patterns among Korean-Russians in the Russian Far East, particularly concentrating on how the revival of their Korean ethnic identity has emerged through these migration processes. I will be based in the Ussuriisk Pedagogical Institute where I will work alongside other Korean-Russian scholars.

I grew up in Queens, New York as a daughter of Korean-American immigrant greengrocery workers. My own experiences of being a Korean minority in America have stirred my curiosities to understand the Korean Diaspora in Russia. This is a politically historic time for Russia, and especially for the many Korean-Russians who have been returning to the Russian Far East from Central Asia (where they had been forcibly taken during Stalin’s reign). I hope to unravel the deeper complexities of Korean-Russian identity through understanding their history and their current political sociology.

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