Elena Nikolaeva

Elena Nikolaeva is spending the 3 month and a half in San Diego, USA and is affiliated with UCSD (University of California, San Diego). She is working there as a researcher in the Laboratory of comparative human cognition (the head of the laboratory – professor Michael Cole). The topic of her research is the comparative studying the systems of children punishing and rewarding in the families from different cultures.

Elena Nikolaeva graduated from the Department of Natural Sciences of Novosibirsk State University in 1976yr. She got PhD in Novosibirsk Institute of Physiology of SB of Russian Medical Sciences Academy (1981yr), got Sci.Dr. in Tomsk Medical Academy in 1996. Now Elena NIkolaeva is a professor of Child’s Development Department of Institute of Childhood (Herzen State Pedagogical University, Saint-Petersburg).

She is a member of Russian Physiological Society (since 1976), International organization "Eurotalant" (since 1995), Russian Psychological Society (since 2003), Academy of Psychological and Pedagogical Sciences (2003), European Health Psychology Society (2003). Rotarian of Novosibirsk - Academgorodok Club (since 1998).

She was awarded a grant of the Leverhulm Trust (Great Britain, 1994-1996 yr) and a grant of the Russian Humanitarian Fund (2004-2006).

Elena Nikolaeva's research interests include psychology of child creativity, psychological and social support of disabled children, psychology of child development, psychophysiology of functional brain asymmetry. She had more then 160 research publications. Among them: E. I. Nikolaeva. (2001) Psychophysiology, Novosibirsk, Nauka Publishers, 450 pp.(Textbook for college students). Second ed., Moscow, Per Se, 2003, 481 pp.

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