Klavdiya Kuzovleva

I’m Associate Professor of Organic and Analytical Chemistry at The Far Eastern State Technical Fisheries University, Vladivostok.

I graduated from The Far Eastern State University, Vladivostok (1975). I was a post-graduate student at St.-Petersburg Technological Institute (Technical University), St.-Petersburg, (1983-1987). I’m Candidate of Science of St.-Petersburg Technological Institute (Technical University) (1987).

The subject of my scientific research is the educational measurement. I deal with various aspects of test design in chemical education. I’ve published more than 70 scientific papers.

I was awarded a grant of the Research Support Scheme Program of the Open Society Institute (1999); a grant of the Eurasia Foundation, the USA (1999); a grant of the program “Educational measurements in Russia” of the Centre of Testing of the Ministry of education of Russia (2001).

According to my Fulbright Program grant, I will conduct the scientific research at North Carolina State University, Raleigh, project title: “The investigation of the opportunities of educational tests on computer for studying”.


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