Sufian N. ZHEMUKHOV, date of birth √ 1970, historian, PhD, now completing a post doc in Kabardino-Balkarian State University. Worked as a Head of the department of social and humanities education and then as a Director of the Institute of in-service teacher training.

Have written historical books "The Life of Shora Nogma" (2002), "The World outlook of Han-Girey" (1997), "History of village Khahun" (1998) (with coauthor) and a book of poems "Mystery of the Soul" (1999) (in Circassian language). Have a Diploma of the "Open Society Institute" (Russia). In October 2001 worked in Joint Programme of co-operation between the European Commission and the Council of Europe to strengthen democratic stability in North Caucasus

The project "Caucasus in American Historiography" will be realized in 2005-2006 as a Fulbright-Kennan scholarship. There persists a big gap between Caucasus studies in America and in Russia. In fact, the American views on the Caucasian history are almost entirely unknown to specialists located in Russia and especially in the republics outside Moscow. The Russian historiography of the Caucasus is among the best in the world but without the opportunity for it to engage in wider debates it is still provincial. Russian historiography very much needs a book about old and recent findings and discoveries made by American colleagues about the Caucasus and translations of books by American travelers and historians. This research project will help to serve a bridge between the scholarships of the two countries.

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