Tatiana Samsonova

Professor, Department of Sociology, Moscow State University. Ph.D. (Sociopolitical Theory); Doctorskay Degree (Political Science), both – at Moscow State University (MSU). Teaching Experience at MSU: required general courses and several lecture series on Political Science, The History of Sociopolitical Thought, Political Sociology.

Grants and Fellowships: Exchange Scholar, the Kennan Institute for Advanced Russian Studies (1994-1995, Washington, D.C.); Visiting Scholar, Fulbright American Studies Summer Institute Program “The U.S. Political System: Origin, Structure and Comparative Issues” (2002, SIUC, Illinois, USA). Membership in Professional Organizations: Russian Political Science Association (1992-); “Professionals for Cooperation” (American Government Scholarly Exchange Programs Alumni Association, 1997-; since 2001 - member of the Board of this Association); International Political Science Association (1997-2001); American Political Science Association (2002-2003).

The author of about 100 publications on sociopolitical problems, including translations into Russian of three books and several articles by outstanding American political scientists C. E. Merriam, H. D. Lasswell, F. I. Greenstein, D. Easton etc.

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