Mitina Natalia

Dr. Natalia N. Mitina is the author of more then 50 scientific publications. She is an expert in subaquatic landscape ecology. Her interests include conceptual methodologies of the formation and
classification of subaquatic landscapes, their stability and transformation as a result of natural processes and man’s activity. Using quantitative methods in complexes physiographical investigations
N.N. Mitina has developed approaches of natural resource potential subaquatic landscapes. Her main methodology is the application of statistical analysis to establish the interactions between the leading
components of subaquatic landscapes. Dr. Mitina has developed approaches to estimate the influence of riparian landscapes on the protection of aquatic natural complexes in rivers and reservoirs too.
The results of her investigations are unique; they have no analogies in the world. She is now dealing with the estimation of the man induced alterations of river mouth natural complexes and recommendations for their protection.
Her Fulbright Project is entitled: “River Mouth Areas: Peculiarities of Submarine Landscapes, and Estimation of their Ecological Condition.” The aim of the project is based on the American experience and scientific results to work out the methods for estimating the risk and forecasting the dynamic of river mouth areas submarine landscapes as a result of anthropogenic press and to improve the recommendation for protection of this landscape for the conditions of Russia.

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