Vladimir Orlov

My name is Vladimir Orlov, I’m a musicologist and I’m very proud of my native Russia. But now I’m doing my research in Washington at the Congress Library Kluge Center, working on Prokofiev, Skryabin and all Russian Music, etc. I play the organ and piano as well (I have such degree) – but not only like an academician – I also like singing songs and make music at home.

I was born in 1980 (I’m a Virgo) in Vyatka (Kirov) city – it’s very far and a lost place where no one feels lucky. Thus, all my life I have been trying to move from there as far as possible. After finishing the music college (pianoforte degree, red diploma) in three years instead of four (one year without attending classes) I then went to the Nizhniy Novgorod State Glinka Conservatory and studied in the Musicological and Organ departments (again I earned an honored diploma). There (if I start boasting, I’ll never stop) I received some awards: the title "Student of the year" (2000), the 1st place on the competition of young musicologists (2002) and so on. Among my interests are socialist realism, symbolism and a problem of death (my diploma work was entitled "Metaphysics of death in Russian culture of the Silver age"). After five years in Nizhniy Novgorod (it was not as bad as my hometown but not so great either) I moved to Moscow – the capital of our Post-Soviet Russia – to get my PhD. And thanks to Fulbright grant now I’m settled very far from Russia – in beautiful and clean Washington (and quite opposite to the popular opinion that America is big & scary).

I have different publications in Russian and some other foreign scientific journals. I was awarded with the opportunity to give a talk in the Center of Russian Culture in London University (2005). [Now that you got me going again with the boasting, I’ll have to continue.] Soon I will be traveling to Bristol to read a paper for a meeting of Shostakovich. (So on)

I do not have enough words to thank the coordinators of the Fulbright Program for their great care for us, students, allowing us to participate in such a fully Bright fellowship!

Because of this I’m happy and am accessible by e-mail:

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