Elena Sukhina

I am Elena Sukhina. I am a 25-year-old Muscovite, with deep roots in Russia, but a big passion for foreign languages and cultures, including English, German, and Spanish.

I earned my MA in Linguistics and Intercultural Communication from Moscow State University (MGU), Faculty of Foreign Languages, in 2002 and then PhD in Cultural Studies in 2005.

During that period, I taught US, British and German Cultural Studies at the Faculty of Foreign Languages, considered the issue of national identities for my thesis and did all kinds of translations. I also spent a lot of time, travelling – both in "virtual reality", through my research, and in real life, on different student programs.

Meanwhile, I kept pursuing my major passion – drama, which, apart from teaching, has always been the best way to bring together all my interests and hobbies: poetry, dance (flamenco and Russian gypsy), and interaction with the audience.

Now, that I have finished my postgraduate studies and received a Fulbright FLTA scholarship, I have entered into a very interesting period of my life: I am working in Oregon, USA, exploring American drama and music resources (live!), teaching Russian and trying to help my students open up through music, poetry, and drama.

Although I have always been involved with foreign languages and cultures throughout my life, I sincerely love Russia, its "mysterious soul", nature, and people. I am very happy and proud to share my love and knowledge of Russia with Americans and discover America for myself "in the footsteps of Christopher Columbus".

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