Rashyd A. Latypov

Rashyd A. Latypov, (b. January 13, 1963, Birsk, Russia), Recurrent Visiting Lecturer in International Relations and Advisor on the External Connections of the Department of History, Astrachan State University, Astrachan, Russia. (1986) B.A. in History, Bashkortostan State University, Ufa. (1993) Kandidat of Sciences, Moscow State Pedagogical University. (1998) MA in Politics and International Relations, University of Kent at Canterbury, UK. Subjects of interest: Diplomatic History of the Twentieth century; Soviet History; Comparative Non-Western Modernization; International Education.
Project Title: The Dialogue of the Deaf Across the Atlantic: American and British Approaches to a New World Order in 1919-1922 as a ‘Culture Shock’ ? My research focuses on comparing the US and British approaches on how to reconstruct a post-war Europe and re-integrate Soviet Russia in international system. Their ideas epitomized the two opposite visions (American ‘idealism’ and European ‘realism’), which caused a deadlock and, at the end, further unraveling of the system. The problem I study is what made a common goal to create a stable international system so difficult. To do that, I apply the imagery of a ‘culture shock’and argue that a gap in mutual understanding led both sides to a distorted vision and illusory expectations of each other. The studiyng of these (mis)perceptions may reveal a new way of understanding the roots of international conflicts.

I will conduct this research for 6 months (from March 1 through August 30, 2004) at the Kennan Institute, Woodraw Wilson International Center, Washington, D.C. The Fulbright-Kennan grant will help me to do the two main things – 1) getting access to the best libraries and archives, and 2) immersion into American politics, society and culture. The fundamental goal is to understand from inside the US’ behavior after the Great War when they entered for the first time on international stage.

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