Svetlana Starkova

Long live Fulbright scholarship! Thanks to it I had the honor and pleasure of teaching Russian in Hunter College, CUNY in New York City in 2007-2008.

Though while studying in St. Petersburg State University, Russia my major was Russian Philology and Teaching Russian as foreign language (my MA research focused on the lexicon and development of ancient Russian genre of route reports), I've always taken great interest in teaching English.

I started my teaching career as an advisor of English Theatrical Society of school 213, St. Petersburg, Russia, a unique theatrical group of Russian students that stage plays in English. In 2002 I became a teacher of English and English & American literature in that very school. Five years later I received the highest rank possible for a school teacher in Russia, the so-called 14th category. My interests as an instructor laid in the methods of teaching foreign language literature in high school and staging plays in English with native speakers of Russian.

I'm deeply interested in the career of an officer of exchange programs center, but I'm also open to the world full of possibilities. The year I spent as a Fulbright FLTA taught me that there are a lot of them out there!

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