International Education Week with Ambassador Beyrle

Ambassador Beyrle and Jim Kenney, Public Affairs Officer

At an event sponsored by the Fulbright Program in Russia hosted at the American Center in Moscow on November 24th, Ambassador Beyrle addressed a crowd of educators, international exchange organizations, members of the press and U.S. Embassy staff. As International Education Week came to a close, Ambassador Beyrle focused on the success of international partnerships and exchange programs between Russia and the United States such as Global UGRAD, the Humphrey Program, FLEX, Work and Travel, and the Fulbright Program. Last year around 5000 Russian students studied in American universities and colleges and around 2000 American students studies in Russian universities. While the number of Russian students studying in the United States is significantly higher than the number of American students studying in Russia, the Ambassador was optimistic about the future and the hope for increasing numbers of bilateral exchanges. Ambassador Beyrle expressed his deep respect for the Fulbright Program and acknowledged the positive role it plays in international relations. Click here to read the full speech by Ambassador Beyrle.

To read the Ambassador's speech please click here

Fulbright Program Officers:
Elena Shabashova, Ira Yurova, Natalia Smirnova and Rebecca Dash

Fulbright Program Officers with Ambassador Beyrle:
Elena Shabashova, Ira Yurova and Natalia Smirnova

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