A Mini-Retrospective by Keith Sanborn and Peggy Ahwesh

This event was a two-day mini-retrospect for myself, Keith Sanborn, and Peggy Ahwesh, my partner. We have worked individually and jointly in the field of experimental film, video, and electronic arts for nearly 30 years. This show represents both works by each of us, including a short video I made here in St. Petersburg, and our most widely seen joint work, The Deadman. The Deadman was screened in numerous film festivals and was selected for the 1991 Whitney Biennial in New York. Our work ranges from the re-purposing of pre-existing images (sometimes referred to as "found footage films") to experimental narratives which blur the line between documentary and fiction.

The screenings consisted of two separate programs, offering a small but representative sampling of our work. The first program ran nearly two hours; the second about an hour and a half. Each screening was followed by a lengthy and lively question and answer period. On the second program, besides our own work, we included one of our favorite cartoons from the 1930s, that served to contextualize our work and to give the audience permission to laugh at an event which otherwise might have been approached only with a dampening seriousness. The screenings were curated by curator, videomaker, vj and translator Alexei Dmitriev of Tour de Film at Rodina Kino in St. Petersburg. The films were presented on video, subtitled in Russian by Alexei Dmitriev.

-Keith Sanborn

Information about the series on the “Rodina” Theater website (Russian only):

Schedule of Films

Photos of Keith Sanborn and Peggy Ahwesh

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