Stages of the Competition

The Fulbright Program competition is completed in 3 rounds.

Round One:

All applications are reviewed by Russian and American specialists in the corresponding fields. The results of the first round will be sent by email after May 20, 2011

Round Two:

Round two consists of interviews in English with the Moscow Fulbright Office. There is the possibility that all candidates who participate in the second round of the competition will take the Internet-based TOEFL exam evaluating their level of English.

Information about the test can be found on the Internet here:

The Fulbright Program will pay for all associated costs for the candidates who need to take the TOEFL exam.

The Fulbright Program all will pay for all candidates to come to Moscow for their interview.

Round Three:

The third round takes place in August or September 2011. A special commission of Specialist in the United States will select 30 to 40 finalists from all 150 participating countries in the program. We will receive word if any Russian finalists have been selected in the middle of September 2011.

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