Initial screening and endorsement of a scholar's application are done by the Fulbright Office in Moscow, Russia. Applications are reviewed in three stages:

Round 1: August-September, 2013

All applications undergo academic screening and evaluation by two American and one Russian expert in the appropriate disciplines. Experts review all of the materials submitted by an applicant.

Round 2: October-November, 2013

All Round 1 applicants with a high enough score will undergo an English language interview held in Moscow by a joint U.S.A.-Russian committee in the fall or the first winter month of the current year. At this stage, an applicant’s communicative, adaptive and English-language skills will be evaluated as well as her/his ability to explain their project to non-specialists.

Prior to this round, all Round 2 participants whose application was initially submitted via email as a Word document will need to submit on-line a complete set of the competition documents.

Round 2 participants residing outside Moscow will be reimbursed for their travel and lodging expenses according to the following guidelines:

  • If train travel from the applicant’s home city to Moscow takes more than 24 hours, the Program will cover the cost of an airline ticket on Aeroflot.
  • If train travel from the applicant’s home city to Moscow takes less than 24 hours, the Program will cover the cost of a standard (4-person compartment) train ticket.
  • If necessary, the Program may arrange and pay for a one night stay in a hotel.

Round 3: November-December, 2013

In the fall or December of the current year or in January of the next year a joint U.S.A.-Russian Committee will select semi-finalists recommended for a grant. The committee will include representatives of the Public Affairs Section (PAS) of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow and the Fulbright Program Russian Office. Finalist applications will then be forwarded to CIES (Council for International Exchange of Scholars), the Fulbright Program administering organization.


A few months later, in April or May 2014, after the program budget has been confirmed, CIES will advise the Moscow based office as to the exact number of grants available for 2014-2015. Only at this point the list of 2014-2015 program participants will be finalized.
• After the competition is over, all participants, successful as well as unsuccessful, will receive official letters, first via email and then by regular mail.
• It is the policy of the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board not to give to individual applicants, to others inquiring on their behalf, or to the public generally, the specific reasons for selection or non-selection of applicants for awards under the program, to the extent not required to do so as a matter of law.
Each applicant should get from the Moscow Office an email confirmation of the application receipt no later than 2 to 3 weeks after the deadline. If you have not received confirmation in the stated time period, please contact this office immediately.
• CIES arranges affiliation with an appropriate U.S. institution for each of the selected candidates. Finalists become official Fulbright Scholars only after CIES has confirmed their placements with US host institutions.
• Before a grant can be confirmed, a Medical History and Examination Report is required and will be reviewed by appropriate U.S. medical personnel. A finalist can become the program participant only after his/her Medical Form has been approved by the program medical authorities.
• You should not plan to arrive in the U.S.A. any earlier than late August of the year you are notified of your selection. You must complete projects on or before December 31 of the year following notification of selection.

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