Application Instructions

To ensure the correct completion of the application, read carefully the detailed instructions provided in two files: Information and Instructions_On-line_2015-16_Rus and Information and Instructions_Word_2015-16_Rus These guidelines reflect all specifically Russian application requirements and procedures.

You should also read carefully information and instructions in the Embark when completing on-line application. However, these instructions may differ from what the Moscow Office requires.


Please bear in mind that in case of any discrepancies between the Embark guidelines/information and the ones provided by the Moscow Office you should adhere to the Moscow Office instructions and information.

You may download the Information and Instructions at the bottom of this page.

Please address all your questions to the Program officer at:
(please indicate the program name - Russian Scholar Program)


8 (495) 935-83-53

Прикрепленный файлРазмер
Information and Instructions_Online_2015-16_Rus.doc348 Кбайт
Information and Instructions_Word_2015-16_Rus.doc285.5 Кбайт

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