Alexis Pogorelskin

I am delighted to be affiliated with the Russian State University for the Humanities in Moscow. I look forward to offering a course on the History of Hollywood and American cinema. I am also able to offer courses on America in the 20th century, particularly on the presidency of Franklin Roosevelt, as well as a course on U.S.- Russian relations. I look forward to teaching Russian students and sharing pedagogy with Russian colleagues.

With regard to my own research, I am focused on the opposition to Stalin in the 1920s and am at work on a biography of Lev Borisovich Kamenev. I would like to conduct research in the former Party archive. I am especially interested in how Stalin wrested control of Moscow from Kamenev. I would also like to work in the archive of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which holds reports that Kamenev sent to Commissar of Foreign Affairs Chicherin in 1927 during Kamenev's ambassadorship to Rome. I hope to invite contributions from Russian scholars to the journal that I edit, The NEP Era, Soviet Russia, 1921-1928. I look forward to discussing my research on the Soviet 1920s with Russian

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