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Fulbright International Arctic Seminar

Fulbright International Arctic Seminar, 19-20 March 2021 (online)

Jointly Organized by:
U.S. Embassy Moscow
The Fulbright Program in Russia & Institute of International Education, Moscow

The Russian Federation recently assumed leadership of the Arctic Council, which it will chair from 2021 to 2023. The Arctic agenda is enormous and world interest in the region is great, so Russia will be engaged with issues ranging from natural resource management, trade, and commerce to climate change, ecology, and sustainable development. The impact of climate change on natural development and human activity in the Arctic region is of critical and global scale importance, and is worthy of international cooperative effort to address. Yet, the attention this issue receives is affected by competition between states and multinational corporations, with negative outcomes reflected upon indigenous culture, languages, and quality of life across the region.

In this context, U.S. Embassy Moscow, the Fulbright Program in Russia, and Institute of International Education in Moscow will organize a two-day international Seminar focusing on ecological, social, economic, and political development in the Arctic with the intention of furthering international collaborative research for improving quality of life and furthering international cooperation, while supporting a sustainable ecological environment in the region.

The main aim of the Fulbright International Arctic Seminar will be to share research and provide a forum for discussion to enhance international scientific and educational projects and to consolidate research in the Arctic countries. Within this Seminar, we intend to establish new scientific contacts and strengthen existing cooperation in the field of the Arctic development.

We cordially invite you to attend the Fulbright International Arctic Seminar to be held on March 19-20, 2021 (on Zoom) in Moscow at the Fulbright Program in Russia.

English is the official language of the Fulbright International Arctic Seminar. This language will be used for all presentations and discussions.

The main items to be discussed during the Seminar at the thematic round tables are as follows, but not limited to:
  • Climate Change, Ecology, and the Arctic Environment
  • Social Development and Human Health in the Arctic Environment
  • Economics and Politics of Arctic Resource Distribution 

Call for applications and abstracts

Recommended length of each presentation is 10-15 minutes.
Applicants are invited to submit an abstract in English with a brief CV (MS word, 12 points; abstract limited to 500 words) by filling in the registration form or sending the form and the abstract by e-mail to Ksenia Shomnikova ( no later than February 20, 2021.

Seminar registration will be free of charge.

Important dates

January 20, 2021: First Announcement 
February 20, 2021: Abstract Submission and Registration Due
March 19-20, 2021: Seminar online in Moscow 

Organizing Committee

  • Joel Ericson, Director of the Fulbright Program in Russia
  • Damian Wampler, Embassy of the United States of America in Moscow, Russia
  • Elena Grigorieva, Institute for Complex Analysis of Regional Problems FEB RAS, Birobidzhan, Russia
  • Michael Bochkarev, Almazov National Medical Research Center, St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Anton Komarov, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia
  • Ksenia Shomnikova, Fulbright Alumni Coordinator
All correspondence should be addressed to: 

Ksenia Shomnikova
Fulbright Alumni Coordinator, 
Secretary of the Seminar