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Online Projects by Alumni

Despite its drawbacks, social distancing has inspired Fulbrighters to create new interesting ways of realizing their academic and sceintific endeavours. 

Supported by the Fulbright Awards for Alumni, a team of alumni led by Maria Tysyachnyuk, alumna of the Fulbright Arctic Initiative, has arranged a whole series of lectures and classes. Moreover, Maria's sceintific paper that resulted from her participation in the Program, titled Disentangling Benefit-Sharing Complexities of Oil Extraction on the North Slope of Alaska" has been recently published on the MDPI platform. 

On July 1, Alexandra Orlova, curator of the "Climate and People" exhibition, hosted an Art-Science lecture, where there was displayed art that illustrated activities by the "Climate-Education-Youth Project". On July 5, they will have an exhibition of the artworks by students of the Climate Marathon Art-Science and a lecture of Arctic indigenous peoples' adapting to climate change. Lecture will be available live on Zoom.

Besides, everyone keen on the matters of the Arctic can tune in to the online lectorium "Arctic Floating University", a joint project of the Northern Arctic Federal Inoversity in Arkhangelsk and the Center of Independent Social Reasearch in St. Petersburg. A unique educational format introduces viewers to the Arctic region, its history, geography, reources and indigenous population.
On Jule 2, the lectorium held a lecture on the economics of the indigenous peoples of the Arctic by Svetlana Tulaeva, another Fulbright Arctic Initiative alumna.
On July 7, the channel will broadcast a lecture by Evgeny Shvartz, alumnus if the Fulbright Scholr Program, е состоится about the consequence of the infamous Norilsk Nickel oil spil in the Arctic.
Also, the lectorium channel uploaded a lecture by Maria Tysyachnyuk "Resources and Indigenous Peoples of the Arctic".

Upon completion, all lectures are uploaded and are available on the channel


Another project supported by the Awards for Alumni program was realized in Nizhnevartovsk - a 3-day online seminar «Fulbright Opportunities for Students and Faculty» was hosted by Oksana Moroz, RIEA program alumna. A more detailed review of the seminar is available on the Nizhnevartovsk State University website


Another RIEA alumna, Anna Glukhanyuk, Rector of the Yekaterinburg State Theatre Institute, has teamed up with colleagues at Berlina Arts University and created Global Shakespeare Sonnets project - a Youtube channel where theatre students from all over the worls can upload their readings of the great sonnets, in English and their native languages. Participants from more than a dozen theatre schools have already submitted more than 50 sonnets. The channel will post 1 sonnets per day.   

Image credit: InstagramVKYoutube