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The Fulbright Program in the Russian Federation

Why would the Fulbright Program be interested in inviting you to consider studying, teaching, or researching at an institution in the USA?

For the same reason we are interested in placing American scientists, scholars, language teachers, and artists in Russian institutions: both countries benefit! And with similar exchanges between the USA and over 140 other countries, the whole world benefits.

If you are awarded a Fulbright grant, you will raise your own qualifications and widen your personal perspectives.

But more than that:

We know from forty years of experience that you will also help internationalize the perspectives of your home institution and community. You are likely to incorporate what you learned overseas into your courses and curricula, and into your creative work. Chances are good that you will keep your new professional and social contacts for many years. And you will be in a strong position to continue researching topics and questions relating to your host country.

Your experience in the USA will not be limited to the classroom, laboratories, studios, and archives of your host institution. You will have many chances to participate in the cultural and social activities of your new colleagues, to see their country first-hand, and to enlarge your host community's understanding of your own country. Everyone gains!

By sponsoring and supporting the Fulbright program of worldwide academic, scientific, and cultural exchanges, the State Department of the United States helps fulfill the dream of the program's founder, Senator J. William Fulbright: The Fulbright Program aims to bring a little more knowledge, a little more reason, and a little more compassion into world affairs and thereby to increase the chance that nations will learn at last to live in peace and friendship.

Senator J. William Fulbright