Fulbright-Kennan Program


The application deadline is July 15, 2013

The Fulbright-Kennan Program competition is run within the framework of the Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program competition. With very few exceptions, the competition procedures and requirements as well as the required paperwork are similar for the two programs.

General Information

Annually, the Fulbright-Kennan Scholar Program offers Russian citizens from five to six grants for conducting research at the Kennan Institute of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Washington, D.C. Grants are awarded in history, law, economics, political sience, and international relations (for more, see below) with a focus on projects that address such overarching themes as global security, regional development, or U.S.-Russia relations.

Here you may see the complete list of the Kennan Institute disciplines.

The Kennan Institute, as the oldest program of the Woodrow Wilson Center, bridges the gap between the world of ideas and the world of public affairs by bringing scholars and governmental specialists together to discuss political, social, and economic issues affecting Russia and other successor states to the Soviet Union, seeking always to place these issues within their historical context. The Kennan Institute is a non-partisan institution committed to improving American expertise and knowledge about this region. The Institute organizes seminars, workshops, briefings, and conferences featuring prominent scholars and policymakers from America, Russia, and other successor states to the Soviet Union with experience in shaping U.S.-Russian policy. The visiting scholars at the Kennan Institute, thanks to its location in Washington, D.C. have access to libraries, archives, research facilities, and human resources that are among the finest in the world.

Grants are awarded as a result of an open, merit-based competition:

  • For a period of six months;
  • There are two start dates to select from: September 01, 2014 and March 01, 2015.

The Fulbright-Kennan Scholar Program is open to:

    Scholars working at scientific research institutions
    Independent researchers

    holding a Ph.D. or a Doctoral degree in the above areas of study.

    Eligibility Requirements*

    • Russian citizenship and current residence in Russia beginning no later than January 01, 2013.
    • Kandidatskaya or doctoral degree in one of the Kennan Institute disciplines.
    • Proficiency in English appropriate for carrying out in the U.S. the proposed lecturing or research project.
    • There is no age limit.
    • Sound physical and mental health.
    • Applicants may not be affiliated with a commercial institution as their full-time employment.
    • Only individual proposals are accepted.
    • Persons applying for or holding permanent residence in the U.S.A. are not eligible. Persons who are citizens of both Russia and the U.S.A. are also ineligible.
    • *For more detailed information about the Eligibility Requirements, click here.

    For more details about the program and the Kennan Institute please contact the Moscow Kennan representative at:
    121003 Russia Moscow, abonentsky yashik 90
    Tel. 8 (495) 927-02-75
    Web page: ;

    For more details about the competition and application please contact the Moscow Fulbright office at:
    125009 Russia Moscow, Tverskoy Boulevard 14, str. 1, 4th Floor
    Institute for International Education, Fulbright Program
    Tel. 8 (495) 935-83-53; fax 8 (495) 937-54-18
    Web page:

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