Fulbright Grant for Russian International Education Administrators

Due to continuous decrease of applications over the past years, the Fulbright RIEA Program is taking a year off to conduct the program evaluation. New competition for 2020-21 academic year will be announced in February, 2021.

General Information

The Russian International Education Administrators (RIEA) Program is geared towards individuals who facilitate international exchange programs, including hosting foreign students, professors and visiting guests as well as providing information and support to Russian students, faculty and administrators traveling abroad for academic study and research.

Young professionals working in an international department at an institution of higher education in Russia who intend to continue their career in the field of international education, as well as more experienced staff looking for an opportunity to improve their qualifications, are encouraged to apply for the RIEA program to participate in a 3-month intensive training in the United States.

RIEA grantees will participate in seminars and discussions lead by American specialists at one of the leading universities in the United States. Various topics such as international recruitment strategies, intercultural communication, medical care and safety will be discussed. Following group seminars, Fulbright fellows will be individually placed at leading U.S. universities, where they will acquire hands-on experience working with international students and visitors, and where they may practice English in a professional and cultural environment while familiarizing themselves with American university life.

Program Goals:

  • Learn strategies U.S. universities use in recruiting, orienting, and supporting international students
  • Learn best practices of international student departments in American universities
  • Learn about financial issues and visa procedures
  • Learn how to meet challenges of an academic placement
  • Learn about medical insurance, medical care, and safety
  • Learn more about intercultural communication
  • Get language training

The RIEA Program consists of three distinct components:

  1. Participation in a four-week academic program developed by a leading U.S. university;
  2. Participation in professional seminars to be held at the Institute of International Education in New York City;
  3. A Practicum in the international student office in a leading U.S. university.

The program will last three months from mid-January through mid-April.

Application Procedures:

Candidates must submit a standard set of documents consisting of an application form, personal statement of purpose, three letters of recommendation, including at least one from the rector or a vice-rector of the applicant’s university, and a copy of a diploma. Selected applicants will be invited for an interview in English and TOEFL examination. RIEA Program finalists will be selected no later than December, 2018.

Program Details:

RIEA grants cover all international airfare costs and transportation costs in the USA. Grantees receive a health insurance, a monthly stipend and allowances sufficient to cover all expenses, including housing and meals while they are on the program in the USA.

During the first four weeks of the program, RIEA fellows undergo intensive training and participate in seminars and discussions held at their host university in the U.S. ( Indiana University, Bloomington). Program participants will be involved in seminars and discussions led by American professors, the authors of numerous articles and books on intercultural communication and the history of international education. RIEA fellows will have access to the University library, where they will conduct additional studies on topics related to seminars. Study of international education, university marketing and fundamentals of international academic exchange programs is an important component of the program.

The last four weeks of the RIEA program allocated to an individual training of each fellow in the international student office at one of the leading U.S. universities.

An additional component of the program is a series of meetings with representatives of the U.S. State Department, the Institute of International Education and other leading organizations in the field of international education.

ATTENTION: For more details please refer to the Russian language version.

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