"Lost In Translation: The Theory and Practice of Experimental Translation"

Sasha Steinberg graduated from Vassar College in May 2009 with a degree in “Modern Literatures” awarded by the Independent Program. He is currently in Moscow on a Fulbright Research Grant. His Fulbright Research Project is entitled “Arts in Public, Publics in Art” and is engaged in apprehending the role of the arts (meaning literature, visual art, theater, film, architecture, etc.) in contemporary Russian society. Several years ago, fascinated by the intersections between the arts, languages, and critical theory, Sasha began researching theories of translation—especially those that had emerged from continental philosophy. In most of these theories, translation is visualized not as a mechanical, quantifiable discipline with rules and goals, but as a dangerously unstable, ever-problematic process that each one of us engages in every day. For some of these thinkers, therefore, the act of translation is equivalent to the process of living itself. Inspired by these theories, Sasha attempted to create a practice. In the spring of last year, he created his first experimental translation—of Vladimir Sorokin’s Goluboye Salo—a project that attempted to use the controversial novel as a tool to highlight the correspondences and discrepancies between many different languages, media, and ideas (rather than simply transferring the novel from one language to another). In this presentation, Sasha will address the question “what is translation?”, introduce the most compelling theorists, and finally, display and discuss his experimental manuscript.

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